Comedian Jillian Thomas began the "Mary-Janes of Comedy", an all female comedy show in 2007, in an underground  cafe in Toronto. Now the monthly show produced and hosted by  Lianne Mauladin  (Seen on the View) is at Toronto's comedy hub, the Comedy Bar, every 3rd Friday of the month. Each show features 4-5 of the funniest female Stand up comics in Canada. The show is the longest running female Stand-up comedy show in Toronto.

In 2011, Mauladin began producing a "Mary-Janes of Comedy" road show that got the Mary-janes out of the City. Mary-Janes of Comedy shows can now been seen in a number of towns and hired for private shows and fundraisers.

The show features comics who perform regularly for CBC, Yuk Yuks, Absolute Comedy and more

"What has always been so entertaining about Mary-janes shows are the variety of styles, topics and personas on stage!" P. Ross

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